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FuelTech’s FTManager software version 5.2 is now available for the PowerFT line of ECUs (also referred to as VCUs or vehicle control units). The update is available for the full PowerFT line including the FT450, FT550, FT550LITE, and FT600. As always, FTManager software and updates are free to download from our website. FTManager V 5.2 highlights include external TCU control (transmission control unit) as well as the ability to replace the OEM ECU in Can-Am UTVs and Sea-Doo PWCs with the FT550 or FT600. Additional features include Electronic Blowoff Control, Water Methanol Injection (WMI), and expanded blip, heel and toe activation methods. A full list of v 5.2 features, changes to existing features, and software/functionality corrections is included at the end of the article.

External TCU Control
The v 5.2 software update provides FuelTech’s PowerFT line of ECUs with OEM CAN communication with the TCU, allowing DSG transmissions to continue running the internal TCU. This feature requires the OEM TCU to be reprogrammed, which is not included in the FTManager software. TCU reprogramming should only be performed by qualified technicians at specialized shops. FuelTech’s research and development teams used VW/Audi DSG transmissions, including models DQ250 and DQ500, to develop and test the software. Compatibility may be limited by the TCU model/version and is not guaranteed, especially for cars on the MQB platform (late 2012 and later).

FT550 and FT600 to Replace OEM ECU in Can-Am Maverick X3 UTV and Sea-Doo 325 RXPX and RXTX 2024 PWC

The updated FTManager software allows the OEM ECU on the Can-Am Maverick X3 UTV to be replaced with either the FT550 or FT600 aftermarket ECU. The v 5.2 update provides CAN communication capabilities with both the dashboard and the electric steering assist and includes protocols for 2016-2020 models and 2021-2024 models. The available FT600 plug and play harness adapter makes upgrading your Can-Am Maverick X3 to a FuelTech ECU easier than ever!

 The FTManager version 5.2 update also allows the Sea-Doo 325’s OEM ECU to be fully replaced with the FT550 or FT600. The update provides OEM CAN communication with the dashboard and Sea-Doo’s intelligent brake and reverse (iBR) system. The FT550 and FT600 are IP67 rated against water and fine dust particle intrusion, perfect for taking on tough trails or heading for open water. To make upgrading to the FT550 easier, the FT550 2024 Sea-Doo 325 PWC PNP Harness provides plug and play installation by utilizing the OEM wiring harness.

To download FTManager v 5.2, visit the FuelTech’s Software page. As always, our software is completely free and features are never hidden behind a paywall. Want to master tuning your FuelTech build? Learn more about our FT Education courses. Additionally v 5.2 features, changes and additions to existing features, and general software/feature corrections are listed below.

Electronic BlowOff Control by TPS variation (delta TPS) so it can be actuated on idle, 2-step, and/or 3-step to further aid in spooling the turbo.

Water Methanol Injection (WMI)
- Control by MAP, air temperature, exhaust temperature (EGT), and time after validated launch.
- Safety conditions by engine, air, and exhaust gas temperatures, water tank level, and more.
- Fuel and timing compensations by WMI

VW/Audi CAN Communication - Option to send engine RPM to OEM dashboard via CAN.

Jet Ski and UTV Timed main relayallows for a timer or optional input “Engine Off”

Blip, Heel and Toe New Activation Methods
- GCM - Gear control management
- Downshifts through the Automatic Transmission Control Feature
- Brake + clutch switches for downshift
- Clutch while upshifting with TPS above 0% - momentarily closes the throttle even with the throttle wide open
New Tables
- Electronic throttle opening on downshifts (by gear x RPM)
- Electronic throttle closing on upshifts (by gear x TPS)
- Output for blipping with mechanical throttle (ON/OFF) allows use of an actuator to pull the throttle cable for downshifts

Added Compensation by Differential Fuel Pressure
- Corrects injector duty cycle automatically, helping to reduce O2 closed loop compensation.
- Bank selection option to apply the compensation.

New predefined sensor PS-30 (0psi: 0.5v - 30psi: 4.5v)

Added engine cranking diagnostic screen on the FTManager - now with the same information from the ECU screen: engine sync, cam sync, angle, status, cam, and crank sensor pulses.

Automatic transmission control feature improvements:
New activation method for 3-step during upshifts
Separate lock times for upshifts and downshifts
Solenoid activation time in HOLD, FALL, RISE table by TPS
Solenoid configuration tables may be edited using the “+” and “-” buttons and allow multi cell editing
Solenoids are only activated when engine RPM is above 50
Corrected undesired gear shift on automatic transmission if the map was written to the ECU while the engine was running
Lockup deactivation changed to after the compensation time start delay

PWC (Jet Ski) - 2-step mode for Yamaha and Sea-Doo using reverse gate

FT Dialboard - Customizable digit color and background color

New predefined option for the VR/Hall converter

GCM - Gear Control Management
Activation by analog gear sensor
Minimum TPS for automatic upshift + Minimim TPS and RPM for power reduction
Gear shift activation by Strain Gauge

Improvements to the basemap wizard/generator

Added 2-step option by brake switch

Tail light control working under combustion mode
Brake light output now activated by brake pressure and brake switch inputs
Reverse light output now activated when in reverse

Electronic Wastegate (E-gate) Control
Added decimal numbers in D gain for higher resolution
Added overload protection - options for maximum PWM, overload PWM, and time to disable output when operating above overload value

Added SENT protocol for Ford and GM throttle bodies

VVT - Variable Valve Timing
Added anti-windup for PID control
Minimum temperature was not working if temperature data was being received by an FT Input Expander

Added additional decimal to wheel speed signal teeth count

Unlocked ECU variations on FT Updater without the need of an ECU being connected

Unlocked wheel decoder to read single tooth cam sync trigger

Resetting trip odometer will now reset fuel consumption as well