Telemetry tools for FuelTech

Telemetry tools for FuelTech - Stone Motorsport

Brendan Stone |

FuelTech support within the Telemetry Overlay software

FuelTech manufactures performance engine management systems, like ECUs and data loggers. Models like FT600, FT550, FT500, FT500LITE and FT450 allow exporting the recorded data to CSV with their FTManager software. Some data streams are natively supported, while others are available as Custom Gauge or Dynamic Text. CSV files must be exported with a TIME column in seconds. Other expected units are °C for temperature, bar for pressure and km/h for speed.

GPS data is not present in these files, so many of the common Telemetry Overlay default gauges are not available, but several racing ones are. Enabling "Read extra streams" in the general settings will activate some additional gauges.

Supported gauges in Telemetry Overlay

Time & Date, Gear, Engine RPM, Throttle, Oil Temperature & Pressure, Custom, Dynamic Text, Static Title, Static Image, Watermark and Additional streams.

Availability may vary between devices and recording conditions.

Telemetry Overlay supports most video formatsand dozens of embedded and external data formats.

Gauges can be customized to a great extent, but presets and defaults can make the user experience extremely easy.

Map and satellite imagery is available for representing GPS data.

Export formats for both professional and social use are available.